• A compact dry toilet (28l) with integrated batcher that adds bulking material
  •  Ideal for small spaces
  • Liquid and solid waste are separated in the bowl
  • Hygienic and easy to use
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Works in any temperature
  • Comes with insulated toilet seat
  • Can be vented directly outside or with a wind turbine vent
  • No power or water required
  • Charcoal colour

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Biolan Simplett Plus has all advantages as Biolan Simplett and one extra: an integrated bedding material container with batcher that stores and spreads bulking material easily into the solid waste bin.  The Biolan Simplett Plus is a urine-separating toilet that can be installed directly on floor surface and it is suited for both indoor and unheated spaces. The toilet is odorless, hygienic and environmentally friendly. The functioning of the toilet is based on the separation of liquid and solid waste in the bowl part. No water or power supply is needed. The solids container can also use composting bags for easier emptying. Urine separation allows the characteristic hydrogen sulphide smell (the toilet smell) to be eliminated. The vent and covering of the feces with composting material (coco shells, peat moss, sawdust, etc.) prevents any bad odours.  The Biolan Simplett Plus is odorless, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Year-round use of the toilet

If you install the Simplett Plus toilet in a warm space, you may use it all year round. Then, its ventilation and liquid removal systems must be insulated in cold spaces, and the liquid removal pipe must be provided with a sufficient gradient to the leach bed to prevent the liquid from freezing in the pipe. . The Simplett Plus is manufactured of frost-proof materials, so freezing does not damage it.  Install the horizontal ventilation pipe in the unit so that the end of the pipe extends to above the inner receptacle to enable any condensation to flow into the inner container.

Lead the ventilation pipe through the rear wall with a hole of at least Ø 75 mm, according to the dimension drawing for the horizontal ventilation pipe. The hole to be made in the wall must be located slightly higher than the hole in the unit to allow any condensation to drain back into the solids container. Cut the horizontal ventilation pipe to a suitable length so that the angular union used will be connected to the vertical ventilation pipe with a curve as gentle as possible. . Extend the ventilation pipe above the roof ridge. The Ventilation Pipe Package, which is designed for the purpose, is also available. Any extra bends in the pipe will impede natural ventilation, and may cause odour problems. If you want, you can improve the ventilation by using the Biolan Wind Turbine Fan.

Urine removal

Route the urine removal pipe by the inner receptacle through the hole in the rear part of the unit. Make a hole of at least Ø 43 mm in the rear wall or in the floor for the liquid removal pipe. The pipe is flexible, and its length can be adjusted by pulling at the ends.  Route the urine pipe into a leach bed or closed urine tank. When using the urine tank, the amount of urine per person, per day, is about 1–1.5 litres. During installation of the urine pipe, remember to provide a sufficient gradient (2–3 cm/m) to enable the liquid to flow down without obstruction. Therefore, the hole to be made in the wall must be located lower than the hole in the unit. If you want, you can lay the urine tank on its side or bury it in the ground.

Applying suitable bulking material is essential for proper operation of the toilet. We recommend to use Biolan Fine Toilet Bulking Material. Before using the toilet, place a layer a couple of centimetres thick on the bottom of the inner receptacle. The dry bedding does not need to be added every time the toilet is used; adding it after defecation is sufficient.

Environmentally Sustainable
No water or electricity is needed.
When you separate* liquid and solid waste you are creating two reusable materials that can be put back into the environment. After composting solid can be used in the garden. Separated urine is a nitrogen rich fertilizer for trees.
The toilet is easy to empty. Just open the lid and lift up the receptacle. Simplett Plus Dry toilet comes with thermal seat which is warm and comfortable all year around. If necessary, toilet may be cleaned using common domestic cleaning agents.
Biolan’s ventilation kit set is sold separately.
*Separation of the liquid and the solid waste requires that the toilet be used in the sitting down position.


  • Material: frost-resistant UV-protected polyethylene
  • Seat height: 46.5 cm
  • Seat cover: hinged insulated thermal seat
  • Ventilation pipe: black Ø 75 mm
  • Drain hose: Ø 32 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Solids container size: 28 litres
  • Weight:10 kg
  • Height x width x depth: 102 cm x 53 cm x 68 cm
  • Colour: dark grey

Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 52 × 55 × 76 cm


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