General Warranty Conditions

1. The warranty applies solely to the sale of toilet solutions and other new products. For consumers, the warranty applies for between 3 months and 5 years from the original delivery date, please see the warranty period for your specific product. The following warranty periods apply: Villa Toilet: Fan 3 years, all other parts 5 years.  Weekend Toilet: 3 years for all parts.  All other products come with a 1 year warranty.  For spare parts, a warranty period of 3 months applies. If the product is used in a business context, the warranty applies for 1 year from the date of delivery, regardless of product.

2. Provided that all the information included in the claim is correct, and that the date of delivery is verified with a proof of purchase and the installation is verified with pictures, Separett AB, henceforth called the Manufacturer, in cases of defects to the product – exempting those cases specified under point 5 – undertakes to supply any replacement part covered under the warranty. The buyer undertakes to report the defect to the seller or the Manufacturer without undue delay after discovery.

3. To remedy any faults, the buyer shall surrender the product to the Manufacturer or a service partner designated by the Manufacturer. The product may also be sent to the Manufacturer or to a service partner designated by the Manufacturer. Such transport will be arranged at the risk and expense of the buyer.

4. The Manufacturer’s liability does not include that which may be considered normal wear and tear, normal corrosion or flaws in the surface layer that do not impact the functionality of the product. Neither does the liability include accidents, e.g. faults caused by lightning strikes. Neither does the buyer have the right to invoke faults if; original parts were not used, that use of the product continued after a fault was discovered, that the product was used more extensively than what is in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommendations, that the product was not used with reasonable precautions or that the product did not undergo service and maintenance in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions. The Manufacturer reserves the right to make an expert assessment concerning any warranty repairs. The Manufacturer’s liability does not include transport damage.

5. In case of faults that fall outside of the conditions of this warranty, the Manufacturer undertakes to submit an estimate for remedying the fault.

6. Any disputes arising from the interpretation of this warranty contract shall primarily be settled by the parties through agreement. If no such agreement can be reached, the dispute shall finally be settled through expedited arbitration.