About us - We provide waterless toilet solutions to make life more comfortable for Canadians.

Canadian ECO Products is the National Distributor for Separett. Choose a solution and join us in contributing to a better world.

For more than 40 years Separett has designed toilet solutions to meet your demands for comfort and quality.

Canadian Eco Products is based in Kitchener Ontario, centrally located to help deliver to Canadians superior alternative toilet solutions.  We have partnered with Separett for over 10 years to import and distribute urine diversion composting toilets across the country, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and Lake Erie to Nunavut.  You can purchase direct from us or go through one of our many online dealers in Canada.  We pride ourselves on great customer service, we are always happy to speak with our customers!  We not only sell Separett toilets but we also own use them, so you can talk to us any time if you have questions, or use our website for information updates or to purchase accessories.

Why Separett urine diversion composting toilets?  Separating urine from feces greatly reduces the production of sewage odours, making dealing with human waste much simpler. Separett continuously develops and improves their toilet solutions with simplicity, comfort and user friendliness in mind. This is why you find their toilets all around the world in every climate – from the coldest places in Greenland to the hottest in Africa and why Canadian Eco Products chose to partner with Separett to bring Canadians one of the world’s leading urine separating composting toilets.

Development and manufacturing is performed by knowledgeable staff in modern premises, making it the number one urine diversion composting toilet manufacturer in Sweden. The results for Canadian Eco Products are well designed products that satisfy our high demands for reducing environmental impact, function and quality- everything to make cottage life as carefree for you as a customer. You should feel right at home when you are at your cottage, vacation home, tiny house or anywhere else where there is no access to water or a septic system.

Reducing Environmental impact, offering quality products and giving superior customer service are the guidelines for everything that we do at Canadian Eco Products. We are inspired by a vision to contribute to a greener and healthier environment for this and coming generations.

The results are well designed toilet solutions that meet the highest demands in function, quality and environment sustainability, to ensure comfort in your everyday life.

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