• For more ecological life!

    • efficiently composts the solid waste
    • composts household biowaste
    • collects the seep liquid
    • thermally insulated construction
    • natural ventilation
    • odorless and comfortable to use
    • durable thermal seat
    • easy-to-clean surfaces
    • convenient and odorless emptying
    • long emptying interval
    • manufactured in a factory that is powered by wind and solar energy

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The Biolan Composting ECO toilet is a composting toilet that can be installed directly on the floor surface and is suitable for outhouses where no pit is allowed.  The toilet is odorless, hygienic and environmentally friendly.  Effective thermal insulation and the channel supplying air to the centre of the compost bio mass help to ensure a quick composting process.  The Composting ECO Toilet is also suited for composting kitchen biowaste. Emptying is easy through the outside hatch at the lower back part of the unit. You can use the compost as cover soil or for fertilizing plants in your garden.  No water or power supply is needed.  The vent and covering of the feces with composting material (coco shells, peat moss, sawdust, etc.) prevents any bad odours, as well as the insulated toilet seat that seals odors from entering the building.

Installing the BIOLAN Composting ECO Toilet

While building and selecting location for the Composting ECO Toilet , it is essential to provide sufficient space for use and maintenance of the toilet, to route the ventilation pipe without any bends through the roof over the ridge and to locate the seep liquid canister in a suitable place. See the dimension drawing for the toilet unit in Product support.  Place the toilet unit directly on a firm base such as plywood, gravel or a concrete surface.

Locating the Composting ECO Toilet

Install the Composting ECO Toilet  through the floor so that the top of the compost tank acts as the seat. The height of the unit is 97 cm and normally the seat height is 45–50 cm. Leave about half of the unit under the floor of the building to achieve a comfortable seat height. Optionally, you can place an appropriate elevation in front of the seat. If you want, you can encapsulate the seat part out of sight. In this case, also provide a hole in the wooden top for the replacement air valve.

Direction of the emptying door

You can install the toilet unit with the emptying door at its lower part facing either the rear or sidewall of the building. If the emptying door faces the sidewall, turn the seat top of the toilet unit to the sitting position.  Leave a fair-sized maintenance door (with a minimum width of 80 cm and minimum height of 35 cm) in the lower part of the toilet building for the emptying of toilet waste.

Installing the ventilation pipe

The seat top has two holes 75 mm in diameter – one for the replacement air valve and the other one for the ventilation pipe. The holes are identical, so as required you can switch the ventilation pipe and the replacement air valve. Route the ventilation pipe from the toilet unit straight up over the roof ridge. Any bends in the ventilation pipe impede natural ventilation, causing odour and moisture problems. Seal the lead-through on the roof using sealant suitable for the roofing material.

If you have to make some bends, take note that the curvature of such bends must not exceed 33 degrees. You can boost the ventilation and evaporation of moisture by means of the optional Biolan Wind Fan. In complicated venting installations or when installing the Composting ECO Toilet in a residential location, it is recommended to use the Biolan Exhaust Ventilator, which is installed in the ventilation pipe. As required, you can even retro-fit the ventilator. Where necessary, the ventilation pipe can be extended using the 3″ ABS pipe adaptor. You can purchase ventilation pipes also as spare parts from the our web shop.

Draining off the seep liquid

The amount of seep liquid from the Composting ECO Toilet is small, however the seep liquid is extremely rich in nutrients.  The drain at the bottom of the Composting Toilet Biolan enables drainage of any seep liquid from the compost mass.   Place the drain plate into the recess in the bottom of the Composting ECO Toilet . Connect the seep liquid pipe to the drain hole in one side of the toilet unit. Route the pipe into the liquids tank. Place the urine tank so that the seep liquid flows by gravitation into the tank. Route the hose into a canister that you have placed in such a way that the liquid will flow by gravity alone. If height is an issue, you can put the tank in a pit with cover of  plywood, or you can lay the canister on its side.  Keep in mind possible use of the toilet in winter when locating the drain pipe and insulating the tank.

Winter use

If you plan to use the toilet continuously in winter, install the unit in a warm space and also make sure that the drain hose and the seep liquid canister do not freeze. If installing the toilet in a warm space indoors, insulate the ventilation pipe of the toilet where it runs through cold spaces, for example, in the intermediate roof space, to prevent condensation of water. The toilet can be used in winter in unheated spaces.

  • Volume about: 200 litres
  • Bottom area: 54 x 54 cm
  • Seat top area: 65 x 65 cm
  • Height: about 97 cm
  • Weight: about 24 kg
  • External diameter of the outlet air pipe: 75 mm
  • Length of the outlet air pipe: 2 x 1m
  • External diameter of the liquid removal pipe: 32 mm
  • Length of the drain pipe: 12 – 95 cm
  • Volume of the seep liquid tank: 25 l
  • Includes: 2 lengths of vent pipe, vent cap w/bug screen, 1 bag of bulking material, adjustable air inlet valve. insulated toilet seat and 25l seep liquid container.


Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 70 × 110 × 70 cm


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