• For more ecological life!

    • efficiently composts the solid waste for high use locations
    • composts also household biowaste
    • collects the seep liquid
    • optional urine separation
    • thermally insulated construction
    • natural ventilation
    • odorless and comfortable to use
    • durable thermal seat
    • easy-to-clean surfaces
    • great for campgrounds & parks
    • long emptying interval
    • manufactured in a factory that is powered by wind and solar energy

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The Biolan Populett Composting toilet is a composting toilet designed for high use locations, such as campgrounds and parks.  Multiple compost bins can be used to allow for virtually unlimited capacity.  They can be installed directly on the floor surface and are suitable for outhouses where no pit is allowed.  The toilet is odorless, hygienic and environmentally friendly.  Effective thermal insulation and the channel supplying air to the centre of the compost mass help to ensure a quick composting process. Emptying is quick and easy by wheeling out the compost bin at the back of the unit and wheeling in an empty bin.  Use the compost as cover soil or for fertilizing plants in your garden.  No water or power supply is needed.  Optional urine separation allows the characteristic hydrogen sulphide smell (the toilet smell) to be eliminated. The vent and covering of the feces with composting material (coco shells, peat moss, sawdust, etc.) prevents any bad odours, as well as the insulated toilet seat that seals odors from entering the building.

Installing the BIOLAN Populett Composting Toilet

While building and selecting location for the Populett Composting toilet, it is essential to provide sufficient space for use and maintenance of the toilet from the back.  Creating a path for the extra bins to be easily installed or removed is recommended.  Place the toilet unit directly on a firm base such as plywood, gravel or a concrete surface.


The Biolan Populett should be completely emptied when it’s finished composting.  The emptying shall be carried out either by shoveling, by turning the body of the toilet upside down, or by tipping it over using the tail lift of a waste truck. The Populett toilet is fitted with a bracket for the waste bin lift of the truck.  Multiple compost bins can be purchased for high use locations, so there is no down time for the toilet.

  1. Remove the thermal seat and the sealing strip or cover from between the wall and the unit, if installed.
  2. Take the liquid hose out from the canister/tank and fix it to the hose bracket by turning.
  3. Pull the compost mixer to its rear position.
  4. Disconnect the air pipe from the toilet unit by lifting.
  5. Pull the unit out of the building.
  6. Tilt the unit so that you will be able to put the shaft with wheels in place.
  7. Transfer the unit to the emptying location or leave the mass inside the tank for composting and replace it with a new tank.

We recommend that a toilet used only in the summer be emptied in the spring, before using for the first time. The emptying process is most convenient and easiest at this stage.

  • Extra Bin Volume: 200 litres

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 70 × 110 × 70 cm


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