Good morning,

Many thanks for catching and fixing my ordering mistake. Much appreciated.

You have the absolute best customer service today and have gained a loyal customer as a result .

Enjoy your day,


Francine, Victoria BC

Thank you for your superb customer service. I bought a Separett in 2014 and have never regretted it. It works just as advertised and is an excellent device. You dealt quickly and very fairly with me over a small mechanical issue with a fan, and I am most appreciative. I would recommend your company and the Separett products to anyone.

Janet, Cherry Hill

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. My in laws bought from you last year when we were still south and we have used their toilet often and very much love it. They recommended your company to us and here we are!!

Thanks again Danielle

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Hello, my name is David. My partner Sue and I bought a Villa last year from you and it works great. It’s out at the weekend house so were still on the first container. Anyway, we’d like to purchase a Privy 500 to put in an outhouse on the property.


I did a lot of research when looking for a composting toilet for the new rental house I was building on my property. I decided upon the Separett 9200 Villa that separates liquid waste from solid waste. It seemed to make sense that separating the solids from the liquids would increase the decomposition rate of the solid waste, keeping it drier as well, which in turn would decrease any unpleasant odours indoors. That was four years ago, and really, it was the smartest decision I could have made. The Separett toilet not only looks smart but it is the easiest, non fuss system you could use. For two people, the solid waste bucket gets emptied into the specially designated outdoor bin, for further decomposition, maybe once every 4 weeks. The liquid waste I simply diverted into the existing plumbing of the building, and there is no smell, none! Honestly, for a waterless system, it is clean and so simple to use that I don’t understand why every household, especially those in more densely populated areas, do not have one of these in their home. Not only that, but by doing a few very easy things to aid in furthering along the decomposition of the solid waste in your contained area outside, you can have the blackest, richest soil to use in your garden later! I will be using this system again, in a new building, soon to be completed, and when/if my current septic system in my own home finally requires a clean out, forget it, I’m putting in a Separett waterless toilet.

SuzanneBritish Columbia

We purchased a Villa 9200 from you earlier this year for our cottage (Wahsoune Lodge) and are pleased with the results after trying it out for a few months. In fact, I’ve subsequently used it in another location hooked up to an HRV system and it also worked well. So now we are ready to order some more.

RobertLondon, Ontario

Hi, we already have a Separett that I put in a few years ago, and I am very pleased with it compared to our other composting toilet; so I would like to order another one to replace the other composting toilet that we have. Thanks.

JimYarmouth, Nova Scotia

This is one fantastic product!

EricPort Perry, Ontario

Hi, I bought one of your toilets for the cabin. WOW! What a treat. The cabin is small so there is no space for a separate room for the toilet. I cannot believe that I get fewer odours from the Separett than from the toilet in the city. We have used an outhouse since we built about 45 years ago. I have rejected all composting toilets that I have seen before.

BillOttawa, Ontario

I love the Separett product!

BrianInnisfree, Alberta