Frequently Asked Questions

Composting/Urine Diverting Toilets

How long can the urine hose that connects to the Ejector tank be?

The maximum length of the urine hose is 20 meters and it should have a slope of at least 1 cm per meter to ensure that the tank is self-evident.

Is a longer urine hose available?

No. The urine hose only comes in 2m. If you need a longer hose you can use connector pipes, 10230-02 and 10229-02 but always make sure that there is a steady flow, 1cm/meter, of the urine through the hose. Otherwise the urine may lie still and form plugs.

The view screen on our 10 year old Villa doesn't work properly?

If you have an older model of Separett Villa- and the view screen doesn’t work as it should, you probably need to update it. You need to buy: SERVICE KIT: VIEW SCREEN & ROTATION. 9000-SERIES.

Can you extend the ventilation pipe for a Villa 9010 with 12V fan?

It is ok to extend the ventilation pipes, preferably with our article 1020-03 consisting of 2 pcs 1 m pipe Ø75 mm 2 straight joints and wall brackets. What you need to keep in mind when you have a Villa 9010 with 12V fan is that we recommend using maximum 2 pcs 90 ° bends and 4 m ventilation pipes.

Electric/Incinerating Toilets

At what temperature and why does the overheat protection trigger?

If the air in the space inside the toilet (outside the incineration chamber) becomes 90°C, the overheat protection will trigger. This usually happens due to the fact that a) the bag is not flushed down properly and has jammed, b) there is a stop in the exhaust pipe, c) the toilet isn’t properly installed so that the air can’t get out or d) if something hangs the flush mechanism up.

Why do you have to disconnect the toilet from the exhaust pipe and then plug the exhaust pipe when you turn the toilet off?

The cold air in the exhaust air pipe is heavier than the hot which causes the cold air to fall down back into the toilet, the fan’s purpose is pushing back cold-air. If you turn the toilet off and don’t disconnect it and don’t plug the pipe shut there is a high risk of moisture coming into the toilet, which can damage the electrical components. Therefore, we recommend always to unplug the toilet from the exhaust pipe when the power is turned off and the fan function is not running.

Is it ok to turn the power off when leaving the cottage?

If the power is turned off to the cottage, the toilet must be disconnected from the exhaust pipe and the exhaust pipe must then be plugged to prevent cold air and moisture entering the room where the toilet is standing. If the exhaust pipe is not plugged, the moisture may otherwise affect the toilet by damaging the electrical components.

The 'Roomtemp' display shows a higher temperature than the actual temperature in the room?

The “Roomtemp” that is shown in the display is not the actual room temperature, it is the temperature of the control card inside the toilet.

All other toilets/products

Are all waste bags from Separett compostable?

No, not all waste bags from us are compostable. Only the green waste bags are compostable.

What has to be done before winter storage of Pee 1000 (with power and water flushing)?

When the toilet is not used during winter the entire system must be drained from water. Otherwise the magnet valve will freeze and break. Disconnect the water. Push the flush button until there is no more water. Then hold down the flush button and blow compressed air into the magnet valve to be sure that the system is completely emptied from water.

Can you use Pee during winter?

Yes you can. But to avoid ice plugs during winter use, isolate the urinary drainage hose and/or increase the pipe diameter to Ø50-75mm. Complete with heating loop. If you want, it’s good to keep the ice away with a splash of T-red.

What if the valve in Pee 1000 has frozen?

If the valve has frozen you can order a new one.